Social Responsibility gets businesses to think externally and look for ways they can contribute to the community. The goal is to preserve our natural resources and show your business is committed to improve the local community. There are many ways small business can adjust to open up to social responsibility.

Waste Reduction

Using green can and recycling can greatly reduce the waste produced. Less printing and use electronic formats. If the business is in the food industry a better, handle of inventory tracking to limit wastage.

Reduction in Energy Usage

Using appliances and electronics with better energy ratings. Using efficient light bulbs.

Contribute To Global Causes

Focus on a cause important to you. Donating to causes. Use fair trade products. Use organic products. Support organizations that promote good behaviors.


Encourage staff to volunteer locally.

Investing In Your Staff

Paying for tuition for employees to continue their studies. Provide health care benefits for employees. These have the benefits of increasing morale and less employee turnover, which means less spent on hiring and training.

Ethical Business Practices

Do good. Consumers want to buy from businesses that do good. Make sure to remain transparent. Be honest about your policies. Build a trusting environment

Report Your Progress

Post it on your website what you are doing, why you are doing it and your progress thus far.

Products with Natural Ingredients

Some consumers are willing to pay extra for local, organic and artisan goods.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Buy from suppliers who also do the same. Hold them to your standards. Ask them what they do.

Additional benefits from being a socially responsible business include the following:

  • Distinguishes you from big business by being part of the community
  • Enhance your company’s reputation
  • Increase customer loyalty